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Kirsten Lamb I believe in the healing love of God that transforms us: body, soul, and spirit. Before I became a Splankna practitioner, I studied journalism and then worked in the non-profit sector before my children were born and I launched my freelance writing and editing career. I use my skills as a writer to ask important questions, and I love hearing people's stories and seeing the ways God makes beauty from ashes. He is the author and perfector of our faith, and it is amazing to behold.

I experienced postpartum depression and anxiety after my first two children were born, and I sought healing through EMDR, talk therapy, genetic testing, nutritional testing, you name it! I wondered why no one -- especially the church -- was talking about the connection between body, soul, and spirit, because I knew my despair needed healing from all three. Then someone mentioned Splankna. After scoffing that it sounded a little too crazy, I read the Splankna books, found a practitioner, experienced major healing, and followed God's lead to become a practitioner myself. Now I am so thankful and honored to help usher in healing for others.

folded_hands What is Splankna

Splankna harnesses remarkable mechanisms created by God in the mind-body connection. It was developed from an integration of several common treatment techniques, including Thought Field Therapy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, and E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) while addressing spiritual warfare.

This highly effective procedure brings together the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once, quickly relieving a wide range of emotional symptoms. This “whole person” approach can often facilitate change at a deeper level than more traditional methods. When body, soul, and spirit work together, the potential for change is maximized.

As a Masters level practitioner and Christian, I am committed to keeping the Lord as the ultimate authority and healer by using God's created mechanisms for bringing relief and wholeness to body, soul, and spirit.

My clients do not need to be Christians. In fact, I've worked with people from many different backgrounds and belief systems. I've found that people who have suffered and found little relief through other modalities are open to Splankna, even while being unsure of God. As long as clients understand that I'm following the lead of the Holy Spirit, partnering with Jesus, and believing in God's ultimate authority and power, we are good to go! (See below for more details on what to expect.)

What to expect in a session

To begin each session, I pray, presenting before the Lord your issues or symptoms and flooding our space with his power, peace, and healing. From there, I use muscle testing to see what God earmarked in your body for our session that day.

We might clear out emotions that you stored in your body from a specific trauma that occurred when you were 3 years old. Or it could be several related events like being bullied in elementary school. Or God could lead us to a generational curse that started several generations back. Or God might lead us to a particularly fruitful season of your life that He wants to reinforce and call upon those fruits to blossom again.

Sometimes clients find freedom quickly from their specific symptoms or issues. And sometimes God wants to heal a deeper layer first or resource you on a cellular level with something you need, like hope, joy, or a passion for your gift and call.

When healing past traumas - whether generational or within your own life - there is always an element of forgiveness, repentance, a request for God's healing and deliverance, and breaking any lies, vows, or agreements you've made with the enemy. Whether that sounds like a normal Tuesday morning for you or something way outside of your comfort zone, I will gently guide you through each step.

It is a delight and honor to experience God's nearness and healing through Splankna!

calendar_month Schedule

sunny During the summer months while my kids are out of school, please email me - to find a time for a session. sunny

I accept cash, check, credit card, Venmo, and cryptocurrency. I also work with most HSAs if you have an HSA debit card or need a receipt for reimbursement. See my financial policy at the bottom of the page for rates and more information.

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