My maiden name was Kirsten Pasha, which explains the bylines.

When the anger of motherhood brings you to tears

Sojourners, November 2015

I’ve heard it said that you don’t know true love until you hold your baby for the first time. I hate that, for so many reasons. And I hate whoever has said it to me or anyone else. … read more

You are Enough. Thoughts on ‘camping out’ at grace.

Sojourners, November 2015

“I don’t want to change you, anymore.” My toddler said this to me … read more

Witnesses to Trauma: Faith Leaders Stand Up for Gun Violence Legislation

Sojourners, April 2013

As gun control debates flare on the federal and state levels, evangelical Christians are joining the discussion. … read more

Be on the same parenting team

Focus on the Family,Thriving Family June/July 2015

As gun control debates flare on the federal and state levels, evangelical Christians are joining the discussion. … read more

Crossfit: A Secular Church?

Sojourners, March 2013

The first Christmas after my daughter was born, I got a two-year membership to 24 Hour Fitness as a gift. Included in the membership was one personal training session. … read more

Starving Yourself for Love

Relevant Magazine, July 2010

When Laurie threw up, she listened to music through earphones to drown out the sound of purging her food. And the sound of her crying. … read more

Battling Alcoholism — And Brokenness

Relevant Magazine, June 2010

I could see his scruff, smell the stale urine and nearly taste the alcohol that seemed to waft from his pores. But it was the desperation that touched me. And then I heard him. … read more

Vanity Fare: Thinking Outside the Box

Art Doll Quarterly, Spring 2009, Ghost written

I was tickled by an unexpected gift from above. That’s how it started. Out in the garden, the sun on my back, the early morning warmed the day as it began. Bees happily worked around me, and from above a blue jay feather floated down, touching my arm and landing at my feet. … read more

A High Calling

Sunshine Magazine article, Spring 2008, Circulation of 40,000

For Christian organizations working with at-risk youth, it’s what they don’t see that makes them distinctive. “Faith-based organizations bring something unique to the table. We have faith that a kid is more than statistical numbers … read more

Attachment Disorder

Sunshine Magazine article, Spring 2008, Circulation of 40,000

“I don’t care.” This is how Jim* responds to most questions. After more than a dozen failed out-of-home placements, almost 30 different schools and one failed potential adoption, he’s convinced no one else cares, either. He’s 13 years old. … read more

Beyond the Bars

Sunshine Magazine; Spring 2007; All articles, except president’s letter, and photography by me

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice admitted more than 12,000 women into jail, prison or substance abuse programs in 2006. Society increasingly doesn’t discriminate between genders as it gets tough on crime, and children are left victims of their mothers’ poor decisions. … read more

Muslims of Waco educate about faith

Baylor Lariat; Oct. 28, 2004; Cover article

Mohamad Islam, the Muslim preacher, and Al Saddiq, the president of the Islamic Center of Waco, pray in a white building surrounded by a tall white fence. It would seem members were trying to stay inconspicuous, with the center displaying no signs and tucked two blocks from the LaSalle Street circle. … read more

Bush campaign provokes criticism for ‘intruding’ into congregations

Associated Baptist Press; July 7, 2004; News Wire — DC Bureau

A recent Bush-Cheney campaign tactic targeting “conservative” churches and their members has triggered disapproval among church-state watchdog groups, including the Southern Baptist Convention and Americans United for Separation of Church and State. … read more

Doctors daunted by insurance rates affecting Christian-based health care

Associated Baptist Press; June 10, 2004; News Wire

High-priced malpractice insurance, which is prompting many physicians across the country to reduce their practices or leave the field, is also limiting health care for patients who use free and Christian-operated clinics. … read more