About Me

KirstenI write.

So do a lot of people. We’ve got a mass of words literally at our fingertips:  news sites, blogs by experts (and not-so-experts), spam, mass e-mails, commercials, ads. Even words we ask our RSS feed to show us don’t always mean much. Until that one message pops out at you. Something you read pulls at your heart, makes you laugh, prompts you to move.

I find those stories, and I write them.

My degree in journalism from Baylor University opened up doors to internships, news room experience and editing know-how. And unfortunately a geekiness that looks up the AP compose, comprise, constitute entry before happy hour so I can properly throw into the conversation, “A Long Island Iced Tea comprises five parts alcohol and one part sweet and sour mix, plus a splash of Coke.”

Since I graduated college in 2004, I’ve continued to write and edit for a variety of media and organizations. While I am guilty, as most bloggers are, of cynically — albeit lightheartedly — criticizing my fellow communicators, I respect seasoned writers and PR practitioners and strive to constantly improve so I might be more like them. But that doesn’t mean I have to take myself too seriously.

I love to write. Whether I’m researching grants, crafting internal documents, pitching articles to the media, writing magazine articles, creating fliers, writing scripts for TV spots, designing billboards or building a Web page, what I write is the foundation. Clear, powerful communication is key to connecting people and moving them forward — or bringing them to a hushed stop.

There will never be a shortage of words. But even in the midst of a tweeting overload that busts the system at its seams, words can hold a special power, when used carefully. There are still heartbreaking stories to tell, vital information to relay and ideas to impart through perfect, precious words.

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